Successful Survey Points The Way Forward

Thanks to a high response to our confidential survey, we know that at least 86% of our owners are happy with their decision to move to one of our developments – with 55% saying they are very pleased.

The customer research company contacted every householder with a range of questions about their property and the services provided by Cognatum. We are grateful for the high response rate of 69% that means we can be confident that the data is reasonably representative of the
views of our owners.

The survey revealed that the main reason for choosing one of our developments is to downsize, followed by wanting to do less gardening, less maintenance, to be closer to family and for better security.

Generally the service charge is felt to be good value for money with 88% of respondents saying they were satisfied and with 35% saying they thought it was good or excellent value for money.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most positive response was that 94% think it is important that Cognatum remains a not-for-profit property management organization, something we are committed to as a core value of the company. A similar level of support was given to Cognatum exercising control over extensions and alterations to protect the character of developments – with the caveats of discretion and consultation.

Despite the high levels of satisfaction recorded, some respondents reported problems which were largely about noise, being overlooked and parking.

We sometimes wonder how useful owners find the annual meetings and the Cognatum newsletter, but they are enthusiastic about both. Some 92% think the annual meetings are worthwhile while 83% said they found the newsletter interesting, with 67% saying they were particularly interested in the property sales reports on the back page.

Interestingly, an analysis of the responses revealed variations in general satisfaction levels across developments. For example, 97% of respondents were happy with garden maintenance on one, whilst on another only 20% said they were satisfied.

These variations are indicators that will help Cognatum improve its services and levels of customer satisfaction in order to ensure that high standards are common across all developments and to provide a yardstick for future surveys.

The survey showed that both regional management and Cognatum head office service could be improved. Overall, Cognatum achieved a satisfaction rate of 71%, which, although high, leaves something to aim for.

More detailed results of the survey should be available in the summer once the information has been analysed. None of its cost has come out of service charges. Instead it was fully funded out of income Cognatum received from its estate agency operation.

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