Threat to our Ash trees

Colin Quinney, Cognatum’s deputy landscape manager, has just completed a diploma in arboriculture at Merrist Wood College and is now qualified to carry out tree condition surveys on our developments. This should prove a great advantage now that ash tree disease is threatening the British landscape.

Colin explains: “Ash tree disease, officially called ‘Chalara dieback of Ash’ is affecting our native ash tree, but so far is not known to affect other ornamental varieties like ash from the Sorbus family or species like Rowan and Whitebeam. Fortunately we have more Sorbus varieties on our developments than native ash. None of our developments currently have a confirmed outbreak – but the disease is widespread and is likely to affect most or all of our gardens in the future.”

If owners want to keep an eye out for disease on trees near their developments the Forestry Commission has a useful video and a helpline number:

Meanwhile the usual winter work is continuing: tidying and pruning as well as
some clearance of beds to prepare for the spring planting.

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