Customer Survey Update

In our winter edition we gave an overview of the findings of our survey and promised further information once it had been fully analysed. In general, the survey showed a high level of satisfaction with the service provided, but when compared estate by estate, there are some significant differences.

The top ten estates have an overall satisfaction rating above 70%, but the bottom ten score as low as 43%. As a result, we have developed action plans for each development so that issues can be addressed to achieve a more uniform standard of service performance, with timescales set for improvements.

As with any organisation, communication is the key to success and the survey indicated that there is work to do here. Providing clear and concise information, together with a quick response to problems, is important. Work we have done in the last two years to improve the information on service charges and reserve funds is clearly paying dividends with 90% of respondents satisfi ed with the information given and 30% thinking it good or excellent.

However, some other areas of communication were deemed less satisfactory. To improve this, we have introduced summer forums – which are currently taking place – at all developments. We hope these meetings will encourage more informal dialogues between our residents and the company. Led by the regional manager, forums will include updates on work in progress, information on fi nance and most importantly, open discussions on plans for improvements to any aspects of our service. About half of the forums have taken place and we have received good feedback, indicating that these should prove a valuable means of communication in the future.

Taking early steps to implement some of the fi ndings of the survey is important to demonstrate our commitment to improving services. Some changes will be for the long term, such as devolving more authority directly to our estate managers, to allow quicker decision-making. However, we have already made a start on the necessary training for this increased responsibility.

Charles Clayton, managing director, recently sent a fuller account of the survey to all owners. It was an interesting and useful exercise that will help ensure that Cognatum remains a responsive company, with customer service its priority.

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