Annual meetings and summer forums

The annual budget meetings will be held between 24 September and 29 October. These meetings are necessarily quite formal, chaired by a director and with the budget presentation given by the regional manager. Prior to 2013 they were the only regular meetings where residents and Cognatum management met together.

Then we introduced “summer forums”: informal meetings, led by our regional managers, where matters of interest can be discussed, with input from estate managers. These have been a great success. The informality aids dialogue and prompts ideas of local interest. Pressure is also eased on the annual meeting by early consideration of some matters.

Last year the idea that estate managers should attend all annual meetings was widely supported and is now our policy. We have also been considering how to ensure ready access to directors – the majority of whom are non-executives – and whether they should continue to attend all the autumn budget meetings. While it is important to retain personal contacts, our view is that thanks to the success of the summer forums, directors might attend either the summer or autumn meetings. This will be discussed at the budget meetings.