Heritage Panel meets for first time

The first meeting of the new Heritage Panel took place in June, after it was set up in response to the 2012 customer survey, where 92% of respondents wanted Cognatum to monitor external changes to the buildings in order to preserve their handsome character.

The panel of four comprises: Richard Morton, a prominent architect, responsible for many ECA schemes, Michael O’Connor, a chartered surveyor, who acts as advisor on our maintenance programme, Henry Thornton, chairman of Cognatum and co-founder of Beechcroft Developments and Charles Clayton, managing director and a surveyor.

The panel considered five requests for changes to doors and windows, a new conservatory and resurfacing of a drive. Their recommendations have been referred back to the owners and regional managers. Now the panel plans to draw up a code of practice for external alterations and to prepare technical advice to help owners planning internal renovations