Good service, striving to do even better!

Thank you again to everyone who completed the customer satisfaction survey last December.

We have now completed the analysis of the results and it is encouraging to note that the vast majority of owners score us highly for the quality of the service provided by their estate managers, and the way we maintain the gardens, both of which are fundamentally important features of the
Cognatum “brand”.

We achieved lower ratings for the services provided by head office and the quality of information we provide, but even so, more than three-quarters of owners would recommend us to a friend – an impressive measure of overall satisfaction.

We are already acting on the feedback reported in the last edition of Cognatum News, and concentrating effort in improving in the areas identified. For example, having settled into Pipe House, head office is undergoing significant changes as we adopt new technology
and systems to improve the way we communicate with owners, and provide head office services generally. This involves the move to a new Customer Relations Management (CRM) system, changing the way we work and communicate.

We have also been working with BT to roll out high speed broadband to all our estates, and have recently signed contracts to complete the programme.

So far, nearly half of our estates have optical fibre connections. These, along with the new infrastructure we are installing in estate offices, will ensure that head office communications with estate offices is instant, effective and reliable, and also holds out the prospect of better
communications and enhanced services direct to residents.

Together with other changes, we will continue to assess their impact on customer satisfaction, especially in areas where
we should be doing better.