Value Test

Cognatum properties are ideal for those trading down from larger family houses – but how do they compare in terms of annual costs, taking the service charge into consideration?  We have put together a comparative table of expenses using an “average” service charge for a Cognatum retirement property.  There are differences between estates as some may have fewer properties, larger grounds or additional communal services such as a guest suite or laundry.  To simplify the comparison with a family house, we have excluded some exceptional items such as swimming pools and minibuses.

We have also made a few assumptions about the costs of a typical family house based on similar lifestyle and security.  The arithmetic confirms that, in addition to the financial benefit of releasing capital, living on a Cognatum private estate could reduce annual household expenditure by up to a third.  How does it compare for you?

Retirement property maintenance table

*Note: In 2014 service charges vary between the lowest of £2,478 at University Farm, Moreton-in-Marsh and the highest,£5,367, at Sandbourne Court, Bournemouth.