Retirement Properties in Essex

Colchester was known as Colecestra in Domesday and probably derived its name from 'Roman town on the River Colne'. It is the oldest recorded town in England and Cunobelin, King of the Belgic tribe Catuvellauni, made it his capital in the first century and was the most powerful king in pre-Roman Britain. He ruled the whole of the southwest from here. Later the Romans built the High Street and the town became prosperous with many retired legionaries settling here.

The Normans built the largest castle keep in England in Colchester and the town developed as an important cloth centre with the influx of Flemish refugees in the 17th and 18th centuries. Traditional industries associated with oysters and roses have since declined but the town remains an important regional centre and Halstead, 12 miles to the west is a quintessential English country town where the lovely Suffolk countryside extends across the border into North Essex. The High Street, just a short walk, has excellent shops and all the services you would expect in a town of this size. Click on an the development below to find out more:

North Mill Place - Halstead

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