Retirement Properties in Warwickshire

Warwick was mentioned in Domesday as Waruic with 24 sesters of honey. Its name derived from 'dwellings by the wier or river-dam' and it was an important fortress in Saxon times on the front line with the Danes. The castle was built on a cliff overlooking the Avon in 1068 and was much enlarged over the following centuries to become one of England's premier castles. Warwick Castle Gardens beside the Avon were landscaped in the 18th century by 'Capability Brown'. The most famous Earl was Warwick the Kingmaker and the castle remained the home of the earls of Warwick until 1978. Rugby is about 15 miles east of Warwick and Dunchurch lies to the south of the town set on a crossroads to the north of the M45 and has a good variety of shops, inns and restaurants. It was mentioned in Domesday as Donecerce and is an attractive village famous for the Lion Inn which is where the Gunpowder conspirators met.

For many years Dunchurch was a major staging post serving two major roads - the Oxford to Leicester Road and the London to Holyhead Road and had many inns. The coming of the railways led to the decline of the coaching trade and with a new railway terminal Rugby grew in importance. Click on the development to find out why Dunchurch Hall is so perfect for retirement:

Dunchurch Hall – Dunchurch

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