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News in Brief – Rethinking retirement

Earlier this year MBA students at Warwick Business School undertook a short research project for Cognatum looking at the retirement housing market, industry trends and how Cognatum should position itself. Their research included interviews with members of the Residents Advisory Panel and industry...more

News in Brief – Back to the ARHM

A year ago the Cognatum board made the decision to rejoin the ARHM (Association of Retirement Housing Managers), reversing an earlier one to move its allegiance to the ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents). Following a recent compliance audit by the...more

News in Brief – A Bee Orchid

An ophrys apifera was recently spotted in the wild flower meadow at Churchfield Court, Girton. The orchid is tiny with an intriguing flower that our Garden Adviser Charles Gilchrist describes as somewhat swollen and shaped like a brown and yellow bee. Originally pollinated by...more

Looking to the future

It is only a decade since Apple launched the smartphone that changed our lives. Now we take for granted Internet access, texting and video phone calls with the family anywhere in the world. At the touch of a screen we...more

Life in the Workhouse

A fully working 1950s Wurlitzer jukebox and a Coca-Cola fridge are just two pieces of the memorabilia which arrived at St Luke’s Court in Marlborough last year when Anita and Chris Lowe and Teddy the Cavachon, moved into one of...more

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