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Des res on the water

Bearwater may sound a bizarre name to those who have not visited and seen that this private estate in Hungerford has not just a river running through it, but also a lake. Set in five acres of grounds on the...more

Rolling Garden Renewal

As Garden Adviser to all Cognatum estates, Charles Gilchrist aims to increase the gardening knowledge and motivation of estate managers. In addition to regular visits two or three times a year, he is introducing 10-year plans in consultation with owners....more

Marlborough Brandt

The Marlborough Brandt Group, MBG, was set up in 1981 by a group of people living in Marlborough, following the publication of the Brandt Report that highlighted the chasm in living standards that exists between wealthy countries and the developing...more

Focus on Minchinhampton

Owners at Stuart Court in Minchinhampton turned out in strength at Stroud District Council to back plans to add seven homes to the estate. Angela Harris joked: “Everybody turning up must have impressed the committee. With us all brandishing our...more

Changing Appearances

The Heritage Panel met for the second time in November and discussed providing advice on conservation and energy saving through a series of advisory articles. The panel considered requests for new doors and windows in properties and the erection of...more

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