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Sales – Who Benefits?

Even the best national estate agents are acknowledged to offer poor service for people buying or selling retirement homes. They are not specialists in retirement properties and lack knowledge about the benefits and services supplied to those moving to a...more

Heritage Panel

All Cognatum developments have been carefully designed to create beautiful homes in lovely locations and grounds. Conservation areas were often chosen and top architects were selected to ensure the architecture fits seamlessly into the local styles. From the knap flint...more

Recruiting Estate Managers

Securing the right people as estate managers is key to the service we offer. Our managers have to be confident and caring, first-aiders, computer literate with management experience and preferably knowledgeable about gardening and building care. A recent round of...more

Partnership Schemes

Across the country there is a real shortage of high quality properties suitable for downsizers. Cognatum manages what is probably the most extensive portfolio of upmarket retirement estates, and is well placed to promote new developments thanks to its expertise...more

Barton Farm Water Meadows

Volunteers, including residents, are helping John Staley to restore an extraordinary irrigation system in the grounds of Barton Farm, used by farmers in the 16th century. The intricate web of channels, sluices and hatches that controlled the irrigation of the...more

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