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Inheriting retirement property

Inheriting retirement property 70% of properties that change hands on retirement developments are inherited as part of an estate following the death of the owner. The majority of these are inherited by the children of the owners as next of...more

Updating retirement property

John Lavin, of Cognatum Estates, says: “There are many advantages to buying on a well-established retirement estate. The surroundings will have matured well, the estate will have established a character, and properties are likely to offer better value than a...more

How to make a home more age-friendly

The costs of moving have become so high that property owners are increasingly adapting their existing property to make it more suitable to different stages of ageing. John Lavin of Cognatum Property suggests ways in which existing properties can be...more

How to future-proof retirement living

Downsizing to a home that no longer needs to accommodate a large family is something that people often do at a stage in their life when they are still healthy, fit and active. They may be thinking about releasing capital,...more

Not all retirement housing organisations are the same

“Recent articles in the press drawing attention to inflated retirement home prices, falling values, and costly management charges and ground rents will understandably have caused concern amongst retirement home owners and buyers,” says John Lavin of Cognatum, a not for...more

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