Cognatum’s estates were always intended to be part of the local community, giving residents the opportunity to pursue interests and hobbies and to join local organisations. This aspiration also applies to our staff and estate manager Eric Dougherty has done just that. He is a Firefighter at Pewsey 3/7, a retained fire station of Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, which operates through the fire fighting crews responding to emergencies from their regular jobs. In recent months, the crews have handled a huge array of situations, including saving lives in road traffic collisions, dealing with thatch and chimney fires, and hazardous material, flooding incidents and providing initial first aid prior to the arrival of paramedics. As well as the emergency response, they have raised money through carol singing and washing cars at the station, benefiting local causes in the community. With the arrival of heavy snow they provide a transport service enabling medical staff to get to their place of work. Watch manager Mark Hillier describes Eric as a valued member of a team, something we would wholeheartedly agree with.