Services and Amenities

Spread across 21 counties, our private estates vary in character and size as well as in the services and amenities they offer. Hence the icons below, denoting a variety of specific amenities that you will find on the individual estate descriptions.

A service common to all Cognatum estates is that of the ‘good neighbour’, in the form of a dedicated estate manager. Regularly hailed by owners as one of the most significant and positive elements of Cognatum life, our estate managers not only welcome and assist new residents as they are settling in but continue to be supportive in day-to-day life. Without intruding on residents’ privacy, they are always on hand for advice or emergencies, living either on or very near to the estate. Deputy estate managers are also employed to cover time off, so that you are assured of a local emergency contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Estate managers’ responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day running and maintenance of grounds and buildings, and they can also support homeowners in the upkeep of the interior of their properties, as they always have excellent contacts with local suppliers and tradespeople.

Ultimately the presence of our estate managers makes possible the lifestyle unique to Cognatum, which is the combination of complete independence and privacy with the convenience of a lock-up-and-leave arrangement and the security of someone to call on in an emergency.

The long-term maintenance of the properties is also taken care of for you on all Cognatum estates. The most regular need is for external painting, which is done every four or five years and is vital for the preservation of timber and the handsome appearance of the buildings, but we also arrange for work such as resurfacing drives, replacing guttering and electrical inspections. This maintenance is all paid for out of a reserve fund built up through the estate’s service charge.

Another consistent component of our estates is the beautifully-kept grounds, taken care of either as part of the estate manager’s duties or by a contractor, or occasionally by a dedicated gardener. While the courtyard gardens vary in size and features, all provide a vibrant yet tranquil backdrop to Cognatum life that affords our homeowners, many with a lifetime of gardening expertise, significant enjoyment without any of the physical effort.

In addition to the amenities you will find within the grounds themselves, Cognatum estates are located within vibrant market towns and villages, meaning that the shops and services you need are usually only a short walk away.

An estate manager who lives on the estate.

An estate manager who lives locally and will always respond within 10 minutes to any emergency.

A guest suite for use by friends or family, which can be booked for short stays through the estate manager.

A laundry equipped with washing machines and tumble dryers.

The estate features extensive grounds, beyond the usual courtyard gardens.

The gardening is taken care of either as part of the estate manager’s duties or by a contractor.

A minibus is available for regular local shopping trips.

A swimming pavilion for the private use of residents and their families is open all year round.

An outside hard tennis court.

Allotments are available for residents to tend and grow their own produce.

The estate enjoys river frontage or has a small river running through the estate, some with the opportunity for fishing.

There are riverboat moorings available.

Community space for getting together, such as a converted barn within the grounds.

The number of properties and when they were built.