Even the best national estate agents are acknowledged to offer poor service for people buying or selling retirement homes. They are not specialists in retirement properties and lack knowledge about the benefits and services supplied to those moving to a Cognatum property.

We do our best to both promote brand awareness and to maintain a high level of interest in our lovely estates and properties. We provide an exclusive valuation and marketing service, as well as promoting new niche retirement developments. Yet the conundrum for Cognatum is that as a not-for-profit management company, we do not want to take the risk of getting directly involved in commercial enterprises or funding them out of service charge income.

The solution is Cognatum Property, an independent estate agency, set up to market properties, maintain a database
of potential buyers, and to promote, new top-end developments with house builders. The managing director, Charles Clayton, sits on the agency’s board to represent Cognatum’s interests.

The agency makes a financial contribution towards head office overheads, pays for advertising, website and newsletter costs and hands over 50% of its annual profits to the management company, ensuring everyone benefits when owners sell through Cognatum Property.