Last year’s record-breaking summer seems very distant under the gloom of February’s grey skies. Yet recalling the season’s many successful socials may provide just the inspiration needed to make sure the summer of 2019 is just as enjoyable. From simple and enjoyable gatherings featuring Pimms and ice cream, to the South-African-style braai hosted at Fullands Court by new estate managers Steven and Karen Greasley, owners made the most of the long, bright afternoons and evenings. These events take careful planning and discussion, so preparations need to start now, and by looking ahead to the warmer months, may even combat the winter chill.

The residents at Muskerry Court held a strawberry and cream tea fundraising event which raised £563 for Dementia UK.

Shirley Behan relaxing at Remenham Row during the Henley Regatta.

Mrs Dickin (centre) and family enjoying the South-African-style braai hosted at Fullands Court.