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Christmas isn’t a good reason not to downsize

Retired empty-nesters are often reluctant to part with the family home, despite the fact that downsizing offers a property that’s easier to run, while releasing equity that can be used for exciting and interesting adventures in later life, or to...more

Old meets new in Cognatum’s most recent retirement estate Howarth Park, Salisbury

At the heart of Salisbury’s old town, a mile east of the cathedral, lies Howarth Park, a development of nineteen houses and apartments, Cognatum’s most recent development for the over 55s. Howarth Park is a striking combination of old and...more

Why market towns are a top pick for retired property buyers

While choosing property for the long term is a consideration at any point, it’s arguably even more vital in retirement when the upheaval of a move potentially becomes more challenging, and when finances are generally less flexible than during working...more

Dog ownership in retirement

During successive Lockdowns, pet ownership rose by nearly 20%, now almost a third of UK households own a dog. Richard Williams of Cognatum says, “Lockdown was an unexpected taste of retirement. What the wider population discovered is what the retired...more

Bungalows are not the only option in later life

Bungalows have historically been a popular choice for those seeking a retirement property as they are suitable for property owners at any age due to their suitability for the less mobile. But bungalows make up less than 7% of the...more

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