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Retired expats returning to the UK

Over the course of the pandemic Cognatum has experienced a significant increase in enquiries from UK nationals currently based in Europe and their families who are based in the UK. John Lavin of Cognatum says, “While some of these enquiries...more

How to ease the pain of downsizing – advice for families

Downsizing is an exercise that many people undertake, for numerous reasons – to release capital, to find a more practical home, to be closer to family or friends, or to live in a property that’s more suited to a lock...more

How the older generation can choose a retirement property while staying safe

It is unquestionably a difficult time for property buyers and sellers. The moving process is challenging for most, but in these social distancing times, it is particularly difficult for the older generation who are the most vulnerable. John Lavin of...more

Retirement estates a safe and attractive option – highlighted by the current pandemic

While the coronavirus has seen many of us reassessing our pre-pandemic lifestyle and priorities there is perhaps no group for whom that is more true than the retired generation. The enforced seclusion of the past months, along with the government’s...more

Retirees return to their roots

“As with all housing decisions, one of the biggest questions when it comes to choosing a retirement home is location. Is it best to stay in an area you’ve lived in for years, where you may have built up a...more

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